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Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF)


A dynamic, intuitive and having real time capability, Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) enables operators reduce subscriber churn, the cost associated with non business data traffic and harness to increase effectiveness through monitoring subscriber usage pattern, network contention, manage bandwidth and enabling usage based charging.

The Righteous PCRF is the Service Delivery Engine (SDE), lets your entire network leverage the intelligence and power of the Righteous Policy Engine so you can satisfy more policy control use cases, faster, on your existing policy enforcement infrastructure.

Righteous is the undisputed leader in best-of-breed network policy control. Our Policy Engine is empowering hundreds of communications service providers (CSPs) worldwide to implement fair-use policies, congestion management solutions, quota-based plans, and wildly innovative prepaid and postpaid subscriber services.

Righteous PCRF Service Delivery Engine (SDE) lets you implement many of these same use cases with your existing third-party Policy and Charging Enforcement Functions (PCEFs), including gateways (e.g., GGSN, P-GW, etc.) and even other DPI devices. The only requirement is that the enforcement device accepts 3GPP Diameter Gx. Choosing the Sandvine Policy Traffic Switch (PTS) as your PCEF/TDF lets you leverage the industry’s best traffic classification and proven subscriber service creation.

A long, proven history of interoperability tests (IOTs) and support for industry standards ensures predictable functionality and deployment timelines, so you can get your new solutions up and running at the speed of the market.


To learn more about our PCRF please contact us for a no obligation demo.



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