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Auto-Configuration Server (ACS)

Auto Configuration Servers is a platform that enables auto-provisioning and remote management of CPE devices. Basic component of Righteous Technologies Auto Configuration Servers (ACS) platform is based on Home Device Manager. Beside Home Device Manager(HDM), parts of our End-to-end solution are various provisioning elements that enable seamless integration with service provider's business processes and OSS/BSS system components.


Home Device Manager (HDM)


HDM platform allows service providers to remotely manage CPE, such as residential gateways, IP set-top boxes, and VoIP terminal adapters that comprise a home networking environment. The product offers single as well as large-scale bulk device configuration, troubleshooting, firmware upgrades, event management, user management and reporting, as well as a standardized CPE integration layer that gives providers a choice of CPE supported either by the Broadband Forum's TR-069 or Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).


Righteous Provisioning Module

Righteous Provisioning Module is a comprehensive, flexible, and scalable telecommunication service fulfilment solution. It combines intelligent provisioning automation, and data synchronization functions that speed up provisioning process, minimize errors, and reduce the costs of service management.

Provisioning Module acts as the recipient of various protocol messages from external sources (XML, JMS,...), validates the contents, decomposes the order, and manages the execution of the required workflows. Here is the basic architecture of complete ACS system with highlighted provisioning system component.


To learn more about our Auto-Configuration Server (ACS) please contact us for a no obligation demo.


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