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Righteous Technologies is a strategic Technology Partner to Quad-Chip to provide Software Solutions

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Righteous technologies is a technology partner to QuadChip. It is pioneer in Design, Development and Services in Custom Built Hardware and Software Solutions for Mission. 

Righeous team of talented engineers bring domain expertise and skills in the areas of  IC Design,Embedded Systems,DSP/DIP design and Software development helping to design products quickly. Our engineers communicate frequently and openly from the project planning stage to the project deployment stage, to resolve issues and meet project schedules with quality.

Electronics in aerospace applications such as satellites and aircraft are subjected to high levels of radiation from high-energy particles like heavy ions. Quadchip expertize in knowledge of products specifically designed, packaged, tested and qualified so they comply with the standards for aerospace defined by the qualifying agencies. We are actively working on further enhancing this kind of products so that advanced applications can be realized in Aerospace and Defence Products.