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Solutions for the personalization & dynamic control of broadband networks. Fixed & mobile broadband service providers use our AAA, PCRF, Billing, Charging & PCEF solutions for rapid launch of next generation services.

Businesses deploy our Internet gateways to improve the workplace Internet experience & enforce identity centric policies. Hotel & campus customers extend the same gateways to charge for Internet services. End-to-end offerings for the personalized control of Internet access. Righteous’s solutions are used by all forms of business and service provider customers.


Business & Enterprise

Control how employees, visitors & guests access the corporate network. Applying user specific policies on enterprise WLAN networks and addressing trends such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) are examples of modern, significant challenges for network administrators. Inventum’s gateways provide an excellent policy control solution that works with multi-vendor WLAN access points.

Traditional IP Partner

Hotspots & Hotzones

Authenticate, control, meter & charge for visitor access. Inventum’s UNIFY Cloud is a hosted, zero investment solution that gets your hotspot running in no time. Unique to Inventum’s cloud is our software controllers which can be used by hotspot owners to deliver a differentiated quality of service to its users. For example, ensure that free users don’t hog up the bandwidth of premium customers.

Hotspot Hotzone


AAA, subscriber management system, captive portal, help-desk, voucher system with prepay & postpaid billing. Our ISP solutions are comprehensive & powerful. Inventum also provides a range of powerful & affordable service routers that complete the end-to-end service management capability.


Telecoms & CSP

Fixed & mobile broadband management solutions. Integrated policy control (PCRF) & enforcement (PCEF) solutions that include 3GPP compliant multi-protocol AAA, mini-HSS, Voucher System, Portals, Prepay Charging, Postpaid Billing & more. Our solutions have been deployed globally from applications ranging from broadband billing to mobile data offload.




To learn more about our ISP/ Broadband Solutions please contact us for a no obligation demo.



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