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Business Intelligence - OBIEE or BIP – confusion, cleared

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An organization to take intelligent decisions and convey the operating business performance to stake-holders, a right business intelligent tool is required.

While making an investment into Business Intelligence (BI), an organization wants to make best use of the technology available. Lack of technical capability / understanding of functionality provided by BI tools, would most likely lead to inefficient projection of business operations. 

In this article, focusing more on Oracle BI tools, would like to present the key functionalities that OBIEE or BIP can provide and pointers that will help to decide whether one should use OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition) or BIP (Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher). 

Using Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 11g one can deliver the most vigorous set of reporting, interactive analytics and dashboard functionality. It provides rich end-user experience and is easier for interactive analysis. There are many key features of OBIEE 11g e.g. Map visualization, integrated search, actionable data that can be used by organizations effectively. OBIEE 11g supports the highest workloads and complex deployments as is built on a modern technological foundation. The total cost of ownership for an enterprise is overall low.

If you are looking for a single, Web-based platform for authoring, managing, delivering interactive reports and dashboards, Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (BI Publisher) is the right choice. Using Oracle's Business Intelligence Publisher, report layouts can be designed by end users in a Web browser. This reduces the time and cost needed to develop and maintain reports.BI Publisher is highly scalable and extremely efficient and can generate tens of thousands of documents per hour having minimum impact on transactional systems.

High level classification criteria that should be used for decision making whether a report should be built using OBIEE or BIP is presented below:

Comparative matrix between OBIEE and BI Publisher



BI Publisher


If the Report needs Analysis / Historical Analysis, is Analytical in nature


If the Report is Static in nature and is needed in Real time


If the Report is needed for Operational Reporting with some lag


If the Report is Operational in nature and expected with no lag


If the Report needs to show some trends


If the Report is Static in natures 


If the Report needs graphs



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